Exposed: Fake FitFlops and how to Spot Them

You can find copies and then there are copies; some are awful and it is possible to see them at first glance, but there are others which are a ‘different kettle of fish’ all together. They may look just like our authentic post; they may have what seem to function as the same swing labels, hang labels, size and design decals as well as the same Microwobbleboard™, Supercomff™, Biomimetix™ or Anatomicush™ button in the sole, but what they will not have is our patent-pending Microwobbleboard™, Supercomff™, Biomimetix™ nor Anatomicush™ technology in the sole.

In the short term, they may run you almost the exact same sum as the authentic article or at best a fraction less, but in the long haul, they could cost you dear. At FitFlop our quality is constantly monitored by us and examine our products. Counterfeiters do not.

Counterfeit FitFlop shoes may appear to be the real thing, with what look like authentic labels, decals as well as a Microwobbleboard™, Biomimetix™, Supercomff™ or Anatomicush™ button in the sole. But – and it´s a huge but – they wo´t have our world class patent-pending Microwobbleboard™, Supercomff™, Biomimetix™ nor Anatomicush™ midsole technology.

Do´t purchase if an offer looks too good to be accurate. Remain safe by purchasing from FitFlop retailers that are authorized.

Imitation or counterfeit goods proceed hand in hand with criminality, identity theft, credit card fraud and poor quality. When shopping it´s significant to bear in mind the following:

We don’t authorise our retailers to sell on eBay. Thus, 2 pairs of FitFlop footwear on the market or any eBay seller with more than 1 may be selling counterfeit or unauthorised FitFlop footwear.
Imitation FitFlop footwear could not be safe. You can bet your bottom dollar producer of a merchandise that is imitation has not set their footwear through the same stringent evaluations we do to ensure they’re not dangerous.
Making a purchase through retailer or an unauthorised site can place you in danger of identity theft and credit card fraud. And, you may never receive your’ paid for’ purchase.
And, do not you need the real thing on your feet? Counterfeit and imitation FitFlop footwear likely will not stand the test of time. Added to which you will not be able to return forgeries to our Customer Services Team that was wonderful and get their normal exemplary level of service and usually sympathetic perspective. Instead, they are going to be taken out to the FitFlop HQ car park and ‘disposed’ of.

It is occasionally difficult to tell the difference between authentic FitFlop footwear versus forgeries and ripoffs.


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