Three Fashionable Ways to Wear your FitFlop Dues

I was given the chance to to road test the most recent shoe from FitFlop, called Dué.

It’s this very cushioned sole, although it’s a ballerina pump – so it resembles a ballet flat. In addition, it has a little bit of height and made from leather and top notch fabrics.

They come in cherry red patent, black patent, black leather and ink blue patent.

Since I needed to attempt a really versatile shoe, I picked the Black Patent Due. One that you could wear for school drop offs, lunch working in a office, and dates. They can be retailed at £189 for leather and £149 for patent, so you do need them continue quite a while and to be versatile.

I thought they seemed a bit as soon as I received them. I being REALLY level! And I confess they seemed a bit plain. I’m used to wearing “statement flats studs, or ” with leopard print or beige snakeskin! But I find that I do once I understand I am walking on sidewalk/rough trails ’t wear these statement flats, because I do’t need them to wear out.

Anyhow I gave an excellent go to the Dués. I wore them around for holy cow, and a week roughly, they can be extremely comfy.

One day, I walked 2km included to take my kids to school, then I did some grocery shopping, went to the library, sat in a cafe for lunch, did some chores at home, then walked 2kms again to get my kids… and I never took them away!

The truth is, several people asked me where I got them from and commented on them. And I likewise found myself standing in the school lawn, surrounded by a group of mums becoming excited about my shoes haha. Girls who spent all day on their feet, looked to get it”.

Best thing about them – They and cozy seem fantastic.

I put 3 appearances together to reveal how the Expected can be styled to suit different occasions.

1) With Jeans
Whether you’re wearing your favourite slouchy statement, or skeletal blue jeans jeans that are reddish … this ballet flat is made for jeans.

2) Sporty
Walking zipping in and from the automobile. Quality and the relaxation of the shoe allows you to feel like you could go all day long included.

3) Evening
The obvious finish makes this shoe seem polished and smart. It seems really adorable paired with a nice skirt and top, or a simple dress,

4) Work – not pictured
Naturally, you ca’t go wrong wearing slacks, blouse and classic ballet flats on the job. Or should you be working in your feet all day – these are simply perfect.

I ’m a devotee of them! I recommend them for someone who are on their feet a lot and needs a high quality level.

The Dué is on sale. Assess where to purchase and the FitFlop Website for stockists.


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